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Here are a few of our different colors that we offer!!!

 Connect the microphone connector to the CB radio. Then take the red fuse wire from the microphone, and connect it to the 12-volt inline from your radio by a quick snap connector or wire nut connection. You have now connected our microphone and lighted cord!

There are two buttons on the top of the microphone. The (L) button hold down. The lights will dim and or brighten release button at light level you would like. The (R) button push once to turn unit on. To turn off lights push (R) button and lights will turn off.

Note: This product only runs on 12-volt power. Any other type of hookup other than 12-volt power will void any warranty for product.

We at Lumna would like to thank you for considering our product, and truly hope that you like our new LED light CB cord including a microphone with high output and noise reduction. filter Available colors are Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Amber, and White. Here at Lumna we strive to bring you, our customer, quality at a great price.   Thank you!!! Lumna CEO. 









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